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  (Rachel) 'Are there horses,(Crowhurst) 'No, sweetheart.'Story has it that many years ago,'they brought their horses with them,'and sometimes they ran out of wind and,'I can only quote the mountaineer,'"Men do not decide,'"hey decide to accomplish,(Seagulls squawking),(Horn whistles),(Overlapping conversations),(Camera shutter clicks),Greetings. Welcome to the 25th,brought to you by "The Sunday Times",Speaking of courage, without further ado,I would like to welcome,the first man to single-handedly,and now a Knight of the Realm,(Chichester) Thank you.(Camera shutter clicks),Thank you.So the only thing that I can imagine,more than sailing around the world,stopping only once,And "The Sunday Times",to announce just such a challenge.(Cheering, overlapping conversations),(Camera shutter clicks),There will be a cash prize,and a prize for the man who is fastest.And I believe the details will be,Will you be entering, Sir Francis?No, no, I've had my fun.(Laughter),Wild horses wouldn't drag me,I believe a man said that the waves there,but in increments of fear.A man alone on a boat,is more alone than any man alive.(Man) Then why would anyone go?Well, that indeed is a fair question,because to only do,is to live one's life,And for that reason alone,we are blessed by the size of the sea,and its siren call to men,Thank you.(Crowhurst) The question that any man,must ask himself is,Closely followed, I assume, by,Precisely, and this device answers,because it places the latitude,right in the palm of your hand.The Navicator is every sailor's,The Navicator.Developed and manufactured,Built by us. In our own backyard.- How does it work?By comparing signal strengths,you can tell where you are at sea.James, over here, is a radio beacon,And Simon, over here,And you just point the Navicator,and, hey presto,And unlike other directional finders,it has an incorporated compass,(Boys) It can be operated,Leaving this one free to hoist,Or hoist a drink.- The possibilities are endless.Captain Chichester might've benefitted,Perhaps. It appears Sir Francis managed,We can't all be Captain Chichester.Dan...It's very clever,We tend to stick more,Thank you.What sort of vessel do you sail?(Sighs) I was sure we very nearly,Do we need to sell all of them,Be nice to make Mummy happy,Maybe that one looks better,(Seagulls squawking),(James) South-southeast.- Gibraltar and beyond that. Africa.- I don't want to go.- I guess we'll be late.Which way is home?Due east. According to the Navicator.- Very impressive.The Navicator uses,(Music over dialogue),Is it really finished?The latest stroke of genius,- And you think there's a market for it?- Hm.It's marvellous.Someday I'll use the Navicator,or a whole new continent,Be careful. The boy in that story,Be careful. Come back here.The problem is,Corners inspected, clouds perused.Hillary had scaled the heights.- Scott has braved the Pole.But he made it.In his diary he said,"Dreams are the seeds of action.",Prepare to come about.(Seagulls squawking),(Crowhurst) Read it.- (Ian) It sounds miserable.Heroic. Never attempted before.This is the highest rung.(Woman) Anyone who enters,Examine it till your heart's content.(Woman) Clare, did you know this?Examine it or give it a proper thrashing?I shall claim the prize for you, my love.(Clare chuckles),Alone on a boat for nine months?We should have another drink,As Chichester said, "Any damn fool,"It takes a really good sailor,- Why not?- Er, three quid's worth, please.- (Crowhurst) How's business, Mr Best?Er, these things seem,Everyone wants to go somewhere else,and have somewhere to sleep,
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主演:科林·费尔斯 蕾切尔·薇兹 大卫·休里斯 乔纳森·贝利 安德鲁·巴肯 吉娜维芙·冈特 蒂姆·唐尼 塞巴斯蒂安·阿梅斯托 阿德里安·席勒 蒂利亚纳·布克丽瓦 萨姆·霍尔 奥利弗·莫尔特曼 劳伦斯·斯佩尔曼 Simon Chandler Kit Connor
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