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  The day me and my family,was the summer of the Iast year,Heat oozed from the ground and snow cIouds,The chatter of haymakers drifted on waves,humming with blundering bees,WOMAN:,Just look at this place!What'd l tell you Doth, Marge,MARGE:,DOTH: lt's glorious!We got veggies, look, we got veggies!Look at this! Didn't l tell you?l can't pick you up, my love.My first memories,are of being washed up,and burnt aII over,Look, we got strawberries here!Oh look at this place,Loll?Loll? Come and get some strawberries.Marge, he's not here.Oh, he's gone a-wanderin' .Loll?There you are.The world was a miracle to me.And one day l wouId record what l'd seen,Before it was Iost and gone forever.PHYL:,Oh, l want the place filled with flowers.You can make a posy here.# As l was a-walkin' for my recreation. .. #,The eIdest were my father's,Marge, Doth and PhyI.These half-sisters I cherished.And my mother cared for the halves,Me, my brother Jack,Reg, where'd l put him?ls he there? - Yeah.Safe and sound.Pride of place.My father was away in London,His picture was the only thing,Home.Hello darling.How is everyone?You behaving yourself?Good boy.What's everybody up to?Marge is out in the yard.Doth is peeling spuds.Frances is cleaning her trolley,What about our Loll?Loll is dead, turned yellow.Mrs Moores is laying him out.Loll's dead?What are you doing?l was getting him ready for the box.No, Loll ain't dead,Doth, go and mind the baby.Marge, go and get the vicar. Now!And send to stroud for the doctor.Get me some blankets.Oh Loll, oh my darling.. .Please, hurry!Please, please!Please!ln the name of God,receive Christ's healing touch,May Christ bring you wholeness of body,Deliver you from every evil and bring you peace.l came cIose to death.But somehow, I cIung on.Though it was a very near thing.A very near thing indeed.See?she's coming!My sister Frances,Come on.We were full of mischief,LOLL:,Here it is."A murdered cadaver,What's a cadaver?l think it's a kind of bird. ..DOOR OPENS,Varmints been in again.our two old neighbours,Her up atop we called Granny TriII.Keep it down, you great crow!And her down under,You keep it down up there,Miserable old trout.We had a feeIing,Little varmints.AII sights twice brilliant,Come on!It seemed that here,That nothing could ever touch us.THUNDER,Never been as bad as this's cruel. Poor little mite.Don't you fret, he always fights back.Come now.Let's leave him be.l will make sure you're alright, Loll.As l lay in my bed,l couId sense the whole valley,The turn of the hour,The weather and aII the life to come.l was made one with the that l feIt part of its destination.Washed of my fever, ice cold, but alive.It seemed l wouId never lose it again.Loll?Hey darling.l've cut you, look, some lovely,Tummy ache. ..Oh darling, that's because,Look, just don't eat it too fast,cos you'll make yourself sick.Hey, l 'm gonna walk into stroud later on.Gonna buy you a paint box.Maybe some liquorice.Would you like that?Everyone's been asking about you.Fancy that.Where's Frances?We buried her yesterday.Cos of me?No, darling, no.
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